Tasers Meet Muster With Councillors

Two city councillors who had some concerns about Chelsea Police using tasers said this week that all their concerns have been smoothed.

Police Chief Brian Kyes and the councillors discussed the tasers and their use, and now Councillor Giovanni Recupero is saying he fully supports the use of tasers by police.

“I’m happy and satisfied with what I heard,” he said. “Chief Kyes explained it all and they’re not targeting people out there or tasing people at random. They’re not just tasing anybody on the street who might give them problems. I think it’s a great tool for the police.”

Recupero and Councillor Joe Perlatonda expressed some concerns last week in the wake of two well-known incidents over the last month where tasers were used. Neither said they were against the use, but just didn’t know much about how they were being deployed.

Recupero said he learned that each taser has a marker on it and its use is monitored by the state. Each deployment of the taser has to be explained and documented, he said.

Tasers are becoming much more popular with law enforcement lately, and incidences of assaults on police officers typically go down when they are put into use. Many police officers see it as a protection not only for themselves, but also for the general public.

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