The Quest Begins for All-america City Honors: Chelsea Contingent Heads to Denver for Competition

Some key members of team that have Chelsea in position to be named as a recipient of the All-American City Award. Pictured at the Chamber of Commerce breakfast Wednesday at the Wyndham Hotel are, from left, Councilor-at-Large Calvin Brown, Gladys Vega, Mark Robinson, Robert Cashman, Sylvia Ramirez, Joseph Vinard, and City Manager Jay Ash.City Manager Jay Ash is leading a Chelsea delegation to Denver this weekend for the National Civic League’s All-America City Competition.

More than 100 communities nationwide sought the prestigious All-America City Award and Chelsea was selected as one of 23 finalists for ten winning positions.

The Chelsea delegation includes 54 members of the community, including Council President Matt Frank, Councilor-at-Large Leo Robinson, School Committee Chairperson Jeanette Velez, and School Committee members Rosemarie Carlisle and Carlos Rodriguez.

“We’re thrilled to be a finalist,” said Ash. “We’re going to have a great time representing the city. It’s mostly work but there will be a little bit of down time as well. There are events to do on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.”

Upon arrival in Denver, the local group will practice its ten-minute presentation to the judging panel that includes state and city officials, business people, and representatives of non-profit organizations. The panel will also conduct a ten-minute interview of the Chelsea group.

Ash said the honor itself is “a reflection of the entire community.”

“The awards program is about what happens in the community, how the community goes about addressing and solving issues. We have a great collaboration with all the stakeholders in the city and the story we’re telling isn’t about the success of city government – it’s about the success of the entire community.”

Ash said he’s excited about the process and the possibility of Chelsea being designated an All-America City.

“I’m thrilled with the application that we’ve submitted. I’m thrilled with the team we’ve assembled and the presentation we’re going to make. I believe it’s reflective of all the good things that are happening in the community.”

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