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We can all assume no one was really surprised by the Logan Health Study findings last week. However, if Massport thinks they are off the hook by helping community health centers provide additional health screenings they are the ones in for a surprise.

There is already a swell of pressure coming from local community groups like AirInc. to force Massport to begin cutting operations where they can, begin a comprehensive regional plan with other area airfields and begin a real effort to lessen the impacts on health for residents here.

For too long Massport has quietly used runways for take offs and landings when delays begin to rise even if those runways are restricted by wind and weather.

It’s nothing new.

Community activists, environmental activists and residents send pictures, report takeoffs on runways Massport is not supposed to be using during certain weather conditions all the time.

It seems these practices have gone unchecked.

However, AirInc. and others expect to see change; both in short term day to day operations at Logan as well as in the long term strategic planning now underway.

They will arm themselves with the Logan Health Study and continue to put pressure on Massport to do what is right for the health of its neighbors.

They are fighting the good fight and Massport should listen and work with activists.

After all its the community’s health that is at stake.

Taking care of the illnesses caused by Logan operations once they are diagnosed is noble and Massport should be applauded but there needs to be a real effort to lessen the illness and if that means shooting for less flights per year…so be it!

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