Chelsea Challengers Finish First Season

Recently the Chelsea Challengers finished their rough yet exciting first season in our first time having a school basketball team. During the season I have interviewed several leading students of the boys and girls team of basketball. As a summary of this hard fought season, it ended on a sad yet positive note. When interviewing Michael Zelaya of the boys basketball team I found out that they lost every game but, “In mind we won them all with our spirit,” says Michael. Kevin Barillas from the 6th grade in the boys basketball thought the season was a fail, our way of saying,” First attempt in learning”.

The Challengers versed several teams that were described by girl team players as “more skilled”. But that didn’t stop them from improving as a team. Jaslyne Lemus-Avila tells us that the best part of the season was, “Working with my team and supporting one another.” Michael Zelaya thought the best part of the season was , “The excitement and tension of playing against opposing teams and the joy of scoring baskets in the game.” As seen by most players, they were all trying their best to win their games and some were starting to give up, but the team held it together encouraging their teammates to continue with all they had. Most of these players had several different reasons to join our first school basketball teams ever. Jaslyne joined the team because she “wanted to show what I learned…to have fun.” Kevin from the boys team joined because he felt it was good competition. Olivia with excitement told me that “it runs in my family” and Michael Zelaya finished his interview with great pride, saying he joined because he “wanted to experience what it was like to play on an organized sports team. This was the first basketball team I’ve ever been on.”

The season was like a mountain with its twists and turns during the time they struggled through the toughest and greatest games. Michael Zelaya says that this season was “mediocre but thrilling,” leading me to this one big question. Will the second season improve from the last season? Will there be another season? Excel Chelsea leaves the students hanging off their seats with excitement to prove the teams they versed before that they are better than what they were last year. Don’t misperceive these serious looking players as they pour their heart and soul out with their coordination and the movement of their feet. You can see the mini-Celtic players in them and what will soon be stellar students ready for college. Remember, this season might have been a fail, a first attempt in learning, but next season will be better, a success.

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