All-chelsea Awards Nominations Sought

Nominations are currently being solicited for the 12th Annual “All-Chelsea Awards.”

Given to recipients who have distinguished themselves, improved the lives of local residents or enhanced the city’s overall civic standing, awards recognize 10 individuals and entities in a variety of categories.

“There are so many working so tirelessly in our community to advance our mutual goals for our residents and our city,” said City Manager Jay Ash. “This award program allows us to recognize the best among us as we celebrate the contributions made by individuals and organizations that continue to make Chelsea the special place that it is.”

Ash is the founder of the ACA Program.

Three residents, one each in the categories of “under 21 years old,” “21-64” and “65 and older” will receive awards.  Also to be recognized will be a “Public Official of the Year,” who may be an elected or appointed member of government; a “Business or Businessperson of the Year,” and a “Community Based Organization or Person of the Year.”

The latter distinction will recognize a local non-profit organization, staff member or volunteer who is typically engaged in human services, cultural or recreational programs, civic betterment, or the like.

Other awards will go to a “Project of the Year,” which can recognize either a new or existing program or development that has had a substantial impact on the quality of life enjoyed by local residents, and a “Contributing Stakeholder of the Year,” which will recognize a non-community person, business or organization that has made a recognizably positive local contribution.

For the aforementioned awards, distinguished service over the previous 12 months will be the key criteria for recognition.

Two “Lifetime Achievement Awards” are also given out annually to recognize a resident, business or organization for extended outstanding service to the community or unparalleled individual accomplishment.

Last year’s recipients were: Public Official – Representative Eugene O’Flaherty, Community Organization – Saritin Rizzuto, Business – Gina Guange, Resident under 21 – Emrah Fejzic, Resident 21-64 – Carolyn Vega, Resident 65 and older – Frank DePatto, Contributing Stakeholder – PARC (the State’s Parklands Acquisition and Renovations for Communities Program), and Project – Residence Inn by Marriott, and Lifetime Achievement, Chelsea Clock and Jim D’Amico.

“This award program is an important statement about a great community,” said City Councillor Leo Robinson, a former award winner.  “I’m continually impressed with the work so many are doing.  It’s great that those champions among us get recognized.”

The ACA Committee, comprised of residents and leaders from government, business and community based organizations, will seek nominations from the community and make nominations on their own. An ACA Selection Committee, comprised of ACA Committee members and their appointees, will determine the award winners.

Nominations are due by August 23rd to the City Manager’s Office.  Nomination forms can be found online at, or at the City Manager’s Office.  Forms will also be emailed by request to [email protected] or mailed by calling 617-466-4100.

“Each and every day, someone is making a difference in our community,” suggested Arthur Arsenault, the Chamber of Commerce President.  “I encourage those being touched by a selfless individual or a terrific program to let our committee know by submitting a nomination form.”

Winners will be announced in early September and recognized at a City Hall event the evening of September 30th.

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