Congratulations Senator Ed Markey: District Voters Supported Our Long-time Congressman

Voters in this district mirrored those across the state in giving their enthusiastic support  to our long-time Congressman, Ed Markey, in his campaign for U.S. Senate against Republican rival Gabriel Gomez.

Massachusetts voters clearly understood the difference between the candidates and realized the profound effect that sending a Republican to the U.S. Senate would have on a wide range of issues. Although the GOP and Mr. Gomez tried to label Ed Markey as “too far left,” the reality is that the current Republican party holds extreme views on a host of matters that a large majority of Massachusetts voters finds offensive.

However, politics aside, what voters of this district and across the state realize is that Ed Markey is one of the most down-to-earth, fair and honest individuals ever to serve the citizens of Massachusetts. His integrity and commitment to doing the best for his constituents never has been questioned in his 37 years of public service, dating back to when he was a young State Representative from Malden. We believe that the recognition by the voters of those basic qualities is what made Ed Markey stand out in this campaign.

We offer our congratulations to our newly-elected U.S. Senator. We have no doubt that Ed Markey will do  a great job both for our state and the nation in the U.S. Senate.

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