Police Looking for Armed Man

Gary Coulanges, wanted by police for allegedly muscling
out the owner of Plaza Garibaldi.

Revere Police and State Police are on the lookout for an armed criminal and the Revere License Commission is preparing to yank the license of a business that the armed criminal allegedly took over some two years ago by force, intimidation, kidnapping and blackmail.

A warrant has been issued for Gary Coulanges surrounding an ongoing issue with his involvement in the Plaza Garibaldi on the Parkway (Chelsea/Revere line) and his alleged takeover of the club from longtime owner and Chelsea resident Gustavo Duran.

Coulanges is a former employee of the Plaza Garibaldi, and allegedly vowed retribution when he was fired in 2011.

“We have been conducting a criminal investigation into an incident that occurred about a year ago involving personal from the Plaza Garibaldi,” read a statement from Revere Police. “We had some assistance from the Organized Crime Unit of the Massachusetts State Police. One person, Gary Coulanges, is under indictment for kidnapping and armed assault in that incident. The State police fugitive team has been attempting to arrest him with our detectives. The investigation led to numerous administrative violations by the current licensed holder and he is not in control of the operation. Along with the Fire Department, we are going to attempt to take his license through the local licensing board. There will be some evidence of the violations at a hearing on the 19th.”

The Revere License Commission hearing on Dec. 19th will likely detail several violations over the past year, including a recent fire on the premises just before Thanksgiving that was not reported to authorities – even after they were on scene.

Another incident of overcrowding also occurred last week near closing time at the lounge.

However, the situation goes as far back as June 2011, when Duran reported to Revere Police being blackmailed by a former employee and his associates.

At that time, Duran told Revere Police that the blackmailer had been hiring and firing people, altering the club’s website and showing up threating people with a firearm.

However, Revere investigators said things picked up in January 2012 when Coulanges and an associate targeted a Garibaldi employee and, while heavily armed, sought the employee out as he drove.

Coulanges and his accomplice apparently slammed their vehicle into the Garibaldi employee’s car, then getting out and brutally beating both occupants with the butt of a rifle.

Then, the employee was allegedly abducted and a bag put over his head. He was then beat about the head. However, fearing he was going to be killed, the employee then jumped out of the moving car and escaped on foot.

Investigators indicated Coulanges is known to carry firearms and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Revere Police and Fire officials said they would advocate for pulling Duran’s license in an effort to clean up the situation and give the club a new start.

Coulanges was profiled as a ‘Most Wanted Criminal’ on ‘Fox 25’s Most Wanted’ television show earlier this month.

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