Parking Design Work is Superior

One needs only to drive down Grove Street or Marlboro Street to examine how important parking design for densely populated areas can be.

The city is showing great understanding of how to improve parking/traffic patterns on some of the city’s most crowded streets and avenues. The two streets named above are examples of this.

On both of those streets white lines delineate where exactly to park and where not to park.

Outcroppings that appear here and there as extended sidewalks with curved sides serve both to keep traffic flowing smoothly and to maintain proper parking limitations.

The meaning of all this traffic design gives a cleaner, more organized parking pattern as well as having the effect of allowing traffic to flow without the impediment of automobiles parked where they shouldn’t be impeding everything.

The same is being done on Washington Avenue as part of its near total redoing.

This is the type of thoughtful, heads up modern parking/traffic mitigation strategy that gives the city a very hip look.

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