Location. Location. Location.

It is a compliment to this city as well as a reason to invest here when the leaders of the hotel industry dub the new Marriott here as the Marriott Boston Logan Airport/Chelsea Hotel.

The new 128 room Marriott which stands next to the Wyndham Hotel has been scoring big points in the local hotel and motel industry. It is, in fact, one of the most important recent additions to the Boston area hotel marketplace – not to mention how important it is to Chelsea’s economy.

Room rentals have been brisk which means tax payments to the city for room rentals will be correspondingly lucrative.

There are many new jobs at the hotel – at least 70 – and there are the property taxes for the hotel which represent a significant payment four times yearly to the city treasury.

All of this success from one venture comes about because of the city’s vision and the city’s willingness to welcome new business as well as to support new business.

A third major hotel is now scheduled to open across the street from the new Marriott.

It will be owned and operated by the folks who put up the new Marriott.

Success begets success, as they say.

However all of this positive news and excitement comes about mainly because Chelsea is so well situated.

Close to the airport. Close to Boston. Close to major roads and rapid transit.

In a world where location is important, Chelsea is finally reaping the benefits of its superior position.

This fact alone bodes well for the future of development here.

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