Young at Heart: Chelsea Resident Sheldon Young Wrote a Song to Commemorate 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park

Sheldon Young

Sheldon Young, who grew up on Arlington Street in Chelsea, has written a song to commemorate the 100th anniversary of historic Fenway Park in Boston.

While the Red Sox and Yankees will be playing a game Friday afternoon to mark the date the park opened in 1912, Young will be preparing to debut his song later that day on WBZ-AM 1030 Radio.

Young will be a guest on the Jordan Rich show at midnight, which is technically Saturday at 12 a.m.

A graduate of Chelsea High School Class of 1947, the 82-year-old Young describes himself as lifelong songwriter.

“I’ve written many songs,” said Young, whose sister, Sandra Padulsky, and her husband, Morton, live in Chelsea. “I’ve been writing songs all my life.

Young’s catchy lyrics in the song refer to Fenway as “incredible and the diamond of them all.” He wrote the music while Zach Zinger, a recent graduate of Berklee School of Music synthesized it.

Young felt the “Fenway Park” song would be a proper way to pay tribute to the ballpark’s history and its place of prominence in baseball.

“I write songs when I’m inspired by events or people,” said Young. “I’ve also written songs about the Charles River Esplanade and Boston Common.”

Although he has written hundreds of songs through the years, he has yet to have one published though he’s hopeful that his ode to Fenway Park will catch someone’s ear.

Young studied music at the Conn School of Music in Boston.

“I grew up with a piano at home,” said Young, son of the late Norman Bernard Young and Sarah Young. “I’ve always been around music.”

Young said he’s “extremely proud” of the Fenway Park song. He has written a letter to Fenway Park officials and is awaiting a response.

Young once performed a song called, “Chelsea” in front of 500 people at an event at Temple Emmanuel in Chelsea. He has been an active member of the Walnut Street Synagogue and was honored for his contributions to the shul during an event organized by Herbie Kupersmith.

Young currently lives in Boston, just a few blocks from Fenway.

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