In Like a Lion out Like a Lamb

Just as we were all exhaling a collective sigh about the winter without snow or even terrible cold comes a snowstorm on March 1 – the first real bit or winter we will have experienced since the freak end of October snow storm that kicked off the Winter of 2012.

Weather forecasters are predicting that Thursday’s storm will be an all day affair and that when all is said and done Friday morning, about 8 inches of white stuff will have been dropped on us.

Knowing the eccentricities of New England weather the way we do, we won’t bet on this storm until it is fully on top of us as to do otherwise would be an exercise in naivete.

That being said, it is always a bit depressing to be hit by a snow storm in March because March is the gateway to the spring.

March is coming in at a time when we have dodged a big bullet.

But March can fool us and it often does.

All of the winter we just missed could come at us during this month with a vengeance – but we doubt it.

In fact, the weather prognosticators are predicting 60 degree weather as a possibility for Friday and Saturday.

March is coming in like a lion.

Let us hope it leaves us like a lamb and all will be well with the Winter of 2012 – one of the warmest in recent history and almost absolutely without snow.

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