Shirley Rosenberg and Murray Band; Chelsea Loses Two Former Residents

With the deaths of Shirley Rosenberg and Murray Band, the city has lost two individuals whose names and deeds over a lifetime were alive in every way with the city of Chelsea.

Mrs. Rosenberg was a member of the family whose famous delicatessen on Broadway featured among others, her late well known husband, Murray and his late brothers, Sam and Eddy presiding over that great scene, of which she was so much a part of. She was a vibrant, outspoken woman whose presence could light up a room.

Mr. Band, who served in the US Army during the Second World War and who later went to Israel out of the desire to help during that nation’s fight for independence, was  brilliant and witty and he had many, many friends in this city.

The loss of these two is a great one for what remains of Old Chelsea.

They will be missed. Our condolences to their families.

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