Elizabeth Warren’s Visits Here

The Harvard law professor turned senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren has shown real chutzpah in coming to Chelsea twice in the past month. This shows, we believe, her interest in the ongoing, unending struggle so many Chelsea residents have as a way of life.

Chelsea is one among a number of significant immigrant cities where the median income is near to the lowest in the United States, where English is a second language, and where Spanish can’t be written or read by the vast majority of the Spanish speaking living here.

Ignorance abounds. Poverty is made more difficult by the ignorance. Life for many living in this city is all about being left out of the American Dream.

There are no jobs being created and because of this, there is very little hope.

If you can’t read or write in English and you speak Spanish and you live here then you can’t fill out an employment application.

If you can’t do this, how do you apply for a job?

If you don’t have a high school education and a diploma, how do you find a better job?

Chelsea residents know something about economic inequality.

Many residents were able to buy homes they couldn’t afford during the run-up to the great bust that almost took down the world economy in 2007. This included many residents in this city.

Many have since lost their homes to foreclosure as the loans they were given became like an albatross around their necks and checkbooks.

They hadn’t read the small print and greed was there. It was everywhere.

Now comes Senate candidate Warren with a refreshing and restorative view of the world, as we need to live in it.

She has said that those who are literally and figuratively drowning in debt trying to save their homes which are underwater should simply walk away from them – give them back to the bank and in seven years, regain credit freedom and perhaps even the ability to buy another home.

Warren’s advice is sage. Her contempt for big banks is real. She takes pride in bringing big banks to the table for a lashing – which they roundly deserve.

Elizabeth Warren is a Democrat who speaks the language we would prefer to hear from a candidate for the senate for the seat once held by Ted Kennedy.

We thank her for coming to Chelsea.

We hope she will come again.

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