Department Wins Praise at Hanna Awards Ceremony

Everyone wearing a badge in this city or any other does so with the possibility of being beaten, shot, stabbed and at the worst, losing one’s life in the line of duty.

Being a police officer in Chelsea today is a dangerous job, often thankless, and when you serve in the CPD, nothing is certain about what will occur on the shift when you go out onto the city’s streets on any given night.

Last week, three Chelsea police officers were honored with the state’s highest award for valor –The Medal of Valor – at the Hanna awards ceremony at the State House.

Officers Felix Rivera, Joseph Capistran, and Thomas McClain, Jr. all showed very little regard for themselves in the conduct of their duties here, put their own lives on the line for others, and survived to tell their story and for their story to be told.

We want to thank these brave Chelsea police officers for their willingness to go way beyond the call of duty while working on the streets of Chelsea.

Their unusual acts of courage and bravery in the line of duty speaks volumes about the CPD.

We are proud of the actions taken by these officers.

It speaks well of them and of the police force they serve on.

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