Leo Robinson Announces His Candidacy for Re-election as a Councillor-at-large

Leo Robinson

Hoping to continue a life­long commitment to Chelsea as a respected community ad­vocate and experienced politi­cal leader, Leo Robinson has announced his candidacy for re-election as a Councillor At Large.

“I love Chelsea!,” said a proud Robinson. “I love the people, the places and the things that make our city so special. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life and career to improving our city and making life better for all those who live within it. If re-elected, I hope to continue to have a positive influence on the achievement of those goals.”

Robinson has served as an elected City official for 18 years and is a former City Council President. In addition to that service, Leo is on nu­merous local and area boards, including Chelsea Restoration Corporation, Pope John High School and Boston Harbor As­sociation. He is a graduate of Chelsea High School and has completed the pre-masters pro­gram at Cambridge College. He is also a Vietnam Era Vet­eran of the US Army.

“My love of the city and many connections to it has me constantly working towards its improvement. From public safety and education to trash and affordable housing, I’ve been involved in, and often been a leading champion of causes and issues that have made a dif­ference here. Even with all that has been accomplished, there is more to be done.”

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