Thank You Herb Chambers and Everyone Else…

The Walk for Living held last Sunday at Admiral’s Hill speaks well of the organizers of the event and of its chief sponsor, Herb Chambers.

Mr. Chamber’s exploits in the automobile business have almost no equal in the nation.

He stands atop an automobile empire unlike any other and he goes to work everyday the way most of us tend to do and he runs a great operation.

His coming to Chelsea and matching all the donations with one of his own speaks well of Mr. Chambers, whom we are getting to know – and getting to know Mr. Chambers is to come to like him.

On behalf of everyone who participated in the walk, we’d like to thank Mr. Chambers for his interest in eradicating ALS and MS.

His name is now added to that of the late Leonard Florence as one of those who truly cares and who came to Chelsea to show that he wants to do for others who need help in the fight against debilitating diseases.

And we take this opportunity to thank Barry Berman, the Jewish Foundation’s man for all seasons and the heart and soul, and the brains of the operation which led to the Leonard Florence Center being built and occupied.

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