Chelsea Walk for Living

The Walk for Living was a great success. Shown above, are some of the people who helped to make the benefit walk happen. From let to right: Channel 7 Television news reporter Jonathan Hall, Kristen Don-nelly, Leonard Florence Center for Living, Walk Director, Admiral’s Hill City Councillor Dan Cortell, the legendary Herb Chambers, Florence Center CEO Barry Berman and Chelsea City Manager Jay Ash.

Hundreds of people turned out on a warm and sunny  day for the Walk for Living, which was held last Sunday morning on Admiral’s Hill at Mary O’Malley Park.

It was a jaunty and hopeful two mile walk throughout Admiral’s Hill benefiting ALS and MS residences at the Leonard Florence Center for Living, which is a part of the Chelsea Jewish Foundation located on Admiral’s.

The Leonard Florence Center is perhaps the most notable of its kind in state of the art ALS and MS living quarters

The Herb Chambers Company led by the legendary automobile titan and collector Herb Chambers, was the chief sponsor of the event. Mr. Chambers was present and completed the walk as well.

Also present for the walk was Chelsea City Manager Jay Ash, Chelsea Jewish Foundation CEO Barry Berman and District 8 Councillor Dan Cortell, a Living and Steering Committee member of the ALS/MS Walk.

Also present for the Walk were councilors Brian Hatleberg and Calvin Brown and the noted Channel 7 television newsman Jonathan Hall.

In brief remarks delivered to the large crowd that assembled for the Walk, Chambers gave hope where hope is needed.

“I hope that events like these will help one day to eradicate ALS and MS,” said Chambers. “I want to thank you all for participating in this event and frankly, I am surprised at how elaborately this event was planned and I am deeply satisfied to be part of an event with such a large turnout.

“Truly, being here in Chelsea is an inspiration and I’m glad to be here to be a sponsor of such a well meaning event.”

Ash made some fun filled remarks, especially about Chambers.

He said Chambers was a very dear friend even though he had never personally met him until the morning of the event.

“I know your voice and have seen your face so much on television that I feel I know you. Still, its is a great pleasure to meet you – and thank you for your generosity,” he added.

Councillor Cortell told the Chelsea Record that he, too was pleased to be part of the event planning and that the event itself was over the top.

“This is just the type of event that personifies what the city of Chelsea and our residents is all about,” he said.

“This was about neighbors and area residents coming out with many, many others to make this event a great success,” Cortell said.

Charlotte Florence, the wife of the late legendary Chelsea businessman Leonard Florence – for whom the Florence Center is named, and who contributed largely to its creation – was among those who marched. Florence’s son, Mark, also marched.

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