The Chelsea Record Website Has Become a Very Popular Place

From month to month, I receive information from our Internet technician regarding statistics for the Chelsea Record’s Website –

Unbelievably enough, every month, nearly 12,000 people log on to our Website.

Better yet, those people combined then look over 32,572 page views. In other words, the folks who came on-line to have a look at the Internet edition of the Record in June performed more than 32,000 pageviews.

The average Chelsea Record Internet edition viewer looked at at least three pages during their visit to the site.

Internet readership of the electronic edition of the newspaper has been rising substantially from month to month without having a great effect on circulation which has remained constant.

Almost 50% of all visits generated came by way of Google to the Chelsea Record Website.

The average time spent on the site is 2:10 seconds by each viewer.

Last month, the obituaries attracted 1,658 pageviews. Police briefs drew 1,514 pageviews. The story about the senseless shooting on Central Avenue drew 877 pageviews.

There were 136 visits from Internet addresses originating in Ethiopia – a tribute to the late Mike MeKonnen who died last month and who hailed from Ethiopia.

In fact, there were more than 3,000 visits from 46 countries and territories including the United States, Canada, India, Australia, Japan, Russia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Chile in addition to many others.

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