Bail Revoked for Alleged Fare Jumper Caught with Gun

A Chelsea man will be held without bail for as much as 60 days after his attempt to jump an MBTA fare gate got him arrested on gun charges.

Hamilton Rodriguez, 20, of Chelsea was arraigned in South Boston District Court on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm.

Judge Michael Bolden set his bail on the gun charge at $20,000 and, at the prosecutors’ request, revoked his open bail on a drug case out of Chelsea District Court.

Assistant District Attorney Kate Clayman told the court that MBTA Transit Police officers were on routine patrol at Andrew station in Southie at about when they saw Rodriguez at the fare gates.

One of the gates was out of service and was marked as such with a traffic cone. The officers observed Rodriguez allegedly jump over that cone without paying his fare.

The officers approached Rodriguez to cite him for fare evasion. When they asked him for his identification, Rodriguez allegedly gave the officers a crumpled piece of paper and then bolted from them.

One of the officers handily grabbed Rodriguez by the shirt. Rodriguez allegedly began reaching for the right side of his body. The officers took hold of his arms and brought him to the ground. After a brief struggle, the officers were able to get his right hand out from under the right front of his torso and handcuffed him.

The officers pat-frisked Rodriguez and asked if he had any needles or weapons. Rodriguez allegedly replied that he had a gun in his right front pocket.

The officers checked his pocket and recovered a .25 caliber semiautomatic Walther Model 9 handgun, which was loaded and had a round in the chamber ready to fire.

In addition to the firearms offenses, Rodriguez was also cited for fare evasion.

Rodriguez was represented by attorney Paul Barnicle. He will return to court on August 12.

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