The Class of 2011

The Chelsea High School senior class of 2012 is officially history.

The graduates are entering a world turned upside down by the recession and its lingering effects and by the state of the world and of how it is turning with new challenges heaped upon all of us almost everyday.

Nothing is simple anymore. Graduates will have to fight for their rightful place in this ever evolving society of ours.

Many, many CHS graduates will be going on to college. Some will be entering the military. Others of the industrious type already have jobs.

Some will be staying home to help out their families.

This we know from experience – high school graduation is a great occasion in the life and times of these young people and of young people everywhere.

They leave Chelsea High School with hope and ambition, with memories of great friends made and good times shared.

They leave their native Chelsea to go out into the world and to try for themselves to be what they want to be and to go where they want to go and to achieve what they’ve dreamt of achieving.

For the vast number of the kids of this graduating class, life will be good and life will be happy.

These kids are hip. They know what the score is at an early age in a city like ours.

They have already battled things suburban kids couldn’t dream of.

And now comes the moment when they meet the brave new world they are entering.

It is a wonderful moment.

We wish these kids the best.

God bless them all.

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