Jelena Ivanis

The American Dream is alive and well in Chelsea with news that Chelsea High School senior Jelena Ivanis has been accepted to Harvard.

Ivanis, a student supreme who has attended Chelsea Schools K-12, received the news last week.

Her family came to Chelsea from Croatia in the 1990’s.

According to Chelsea High School Principal Joe Mullaney, her mother and father watched over her at every step of her education. He said the education of Jelena and her sister were of the utmost importance to her parents.

Ivanis never received a grade below an A throughout her public school career in Chelsea.

Mullaney described her as very bright, very curious, and community oriented.

Ivanis was Student of the Year last year.

The Eleanor Street resident is a well-rounded young lady, Mullaney said.

Her acceptance to Harvard was more than her personal triumph.

It was the culmination of the combined efforts of many, many hard working educators in the Chelsea School System.

“Jelena shows what our students can do and of what can happen here and of what does happen here,” Mullaney said with pride.

“Jelena is a shining example but there are many others going on to fine schools and to four-year colleges who took advantage of great instruction, teachers who care and administrators who watch carefully the goings on in the public schools,” he added.

We congratulate Jelena Ivanis on her acceptance to Harvard.

She has earned and won a prize quite like no other in this land.

Her Chelsea public school experience will serve her well when she gets to Harvard in the fall.

Again, congratulations.

Harvard awaits you.

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