City Suspends Street Sweeping Up to Christmas

The city’s rather vigorous and extended street sweeping program has been suspended and with it, the enforcement that accompanies the sweeping as well has been suspended.

The sweeping program had been extended into December by earlier actions.

This led to an additional three weeks of street sweeping in December as opposed to no street sweeping during December.

The snow earlier this week accelerated the suspension as sweeping is made near to impossible by the snowfall.

Next Monday, according to city officials, a decision will be made about the last week of the year.

In any event, the sweeping program officially ends December 31.

Any snow over the weekend will end the sweeping entirely before that date.

City officials said the sweeping program would begin anew on March 1, weather permitting.

It is also possible the city will do some sweeping during January and February.

Sides of streets where parking is not permitted would be swept.

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