Gang round-up

The local police along with the FBI and other police agencies rounded up a bunch of gang members Wednesday.

This comes as great news to local residents who have been feeling the danger inherent in gun use and violence.

Gangs and gang members specialize in gun use and violence. They derive their money from drug dealing.

So the more that are arrested and taken from the streets of this city the better it is for everyone trying to make a life here.

Life absent of gangs is a thing of the distant past.

We can almost begin to romanticize the era that many of us grew up in when there were no gangs as we know them today.

There was the Mafia – but we didn’t tend to refer to that organization as a gang.

It was usually a family, indeed, a crime family.

In fact, the lore of the old days includes the pleasant notion that the Mafia took care of crime and that the streets were safer when the Mafia controlled things.

Well, that is the stuff of mythology.

The streets are never safe when thugs joined together by family or drug-dealing operations are controlling turf.

We’re safe when the bad guys are placed in jail or put out of business.

The police action Wednesday makes this city safer at a time when violence has reached a crescendo, and when drugs continue to be the ruination of generations of youth.

We urge the police to keep up the war – and it is a war – against the violent, brutal gangs.

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