Island End Park opens under misty skies

The official opening of the Island End Park took place earlier this week on a misty morning by the river.

City leaders and officials and a number of Admiral’s Hill residents attended.

“I’m excited about adding another new park to the budding portfolio of open space in the city. Another open space along Chelsea’s waterfront for people to experience is the direction we are heading,” said City Manager Jay Ash.

Open space, indeed.

In reality, the new mini-park is a virtual urban wild, a lush open space at the edge of Beacham Street’s industrial wasteland on one side and a place where ducks and geese, and local residents can concert with nature on the other.

The Island End Park – at the end of a substantial wooden construction walkway that connects it to Admiral’s Hill – is part of the city’s effort to create outdoor venues that join the open spaces along the Chelsea shoreline.

The city paid $260,000 for the gazebo, lighting, plantings and the boardwalk.

The project came in substantially under budget, according to Ash.

The park was slated to cost $450,000 but with value engineering and great construction pricing, great savings were achieved.

The state funded 70 percent of the cost with the remainder coming from the city’s operating budget.

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