Anthony Simboli’s dream

No one has benefited more from his father coming before him than local developer Anthony Simboli (the younger). The senior Mr. Simboli has become a bit of a legend in local commercial real estate circles.

He started in Chelsea about 25 years ago and made it through the ups and downs of the economy and came out of it with an impressive portfolio of fine buildings in Chelsea amounting to many hundreds of thousands of square feet.

Now comes his son, Anthony.

Like many of us who thank our fathers for coming before, he has done the same.

And after a long business career with his father, has decided to set out on his own.

He has purchased from his family nine buildings amounting to 300,00 square feet of prime commercial space in Chelsea, including the impressive buildings on Everett Avenue.

His future is now his own and his destiny is now in his own hands where he wants it to be.

The Simbolis remain connected by both real estate interests and strong family ties. Nothing will change that in the years to come.

However, Anthony the younger has his own desires about where he wants to head his new company – and this is great news for Chelsea where he has told us that he will remain and grow his company.

We know Anthony well. He is a good guy with his heart in the right place and he knows what to do. You can’t make it through Princeton and MIT as he did without being very bright. Also, you can’t have stood by your father’s side for as long as he did without learning some great real estate lessons.

Our best to Anthony Simboli the younger.

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