Demoulas’ at one year

At one year and counting, the Demoulas’ Market Basket continues to break all kinds of sales records while attracting huge and diverse throngs of shoppers.

The enormous supermarket – perhaps the largest of its kind east of the Mississippi River – has become a mecca of sorts for discriminating food shoppers seeking quality and lower prices.

“The first year anniversary finds us very pleased. It has been a superb year and we’ve received a super response from the Chelsea store,” said William Marsden, Market Basket’s director of operations.

“We are most pleased. Everything has gone better than our expectations,” he added.

The Demoulas Family is planning substantial development of the former Mystic Mall, where the supermarket sits and which the family owns.

There are plans now being vetted by the city for the older store, which apparently includes a restaurant and a major retailer.

Mr. Marsden said there will be no celebration.

“It will be business as usual,” he said. “None of our success could have been achieved without our dedicated and knowledgeable employees.”

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