Chelsea men murder trial sent to Jury

The fate of the two Chelsea men charged with stabbing to death their mother’s boy friend in a fit of jealous rage in 2008 is now in the hands of Suffolk Superior Court Jury.

The Chelsea home in which 25-year-old Shadeed “Cleo” Wiggins was stabbed to death was “dysfunctional,” with his alleged killers’ mother choosing him over her own sons, a Suffolk County homicide prosecutor said during their murder trial.

Aasim Smith, 18, and Eugene Teixeira, 23, are both charged with second-degree murder for allegedly joining together in a fatal April 29, 2008 attack on Wiggins, their mother’s boyfriend, in the Chester Avenue apartment they all shared.

“Why that day? ” asked Assistant District Attorney Cory Flashner. “ Because that’s the day their mother kicks them out. That’s the day their mother chooses her boyfriend over her sons.”

The three had argued earlier because Teixeira was not at work, Smith was not at school, and Wiggins told their mother to eject them from the home. The two left the home, Flashner said, only to return with violent intentions.

“When the defendants ran up those stairs and Eugene Teixeira took that knife and plunged it into Shadeed’s body seven times, that’s murder,” Flashner said. “Aasim Smith was there with a baseball bat ready, willing, and able to assist him. He’s aiding and abetting Eugene Teixeira as that happened.”

Flashner disputed the pair’s claim that they were acting in defense of their mother, whom they claimed to have seen leaning out an apartment window screaming for help.

“The window is closed, ladies and gentlemen,” Flashner said. “The screen is shut. The shades are drawn.”

The defendants’ mother can be heard on a 911 tape calling them expletives, telling a dispatcher that they “bum rushed” her boyfriend, and screaming at the youths that they were “going to jail.” Responding Chelsea Police took abundant photos of the mother, none of which show any bruising, swelling, or recent injuries.

“There is no self-defense or defense of another claim if you’re the initial aggressor,” Flashner said. “The evidence shows that clearly. It’s murder in the second degree.”

Smith is represented by attorney Stephen Weymouth and Teixeira by attorney George Murphy.

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