The Chelsea Fire Department

There are fire departments and there is the Chelsea Fire Department.

What do we mean?

Chelsea is the only city to nearly burn to the ground twice in one century.

That experience by itself helped to shape and to mold a fire department that does not simply pay lip service to the notion of fire safety.

Fire safety, fast response, professional training and professionalism of the highest kind is what this department is all about.

This was proven once again two weeks ago when a home on Louis Street nearly burned to the ground.

If it was not for fast response time, and skillful attention to the task at hand, it is very likely the house next door would have been lost.

This isn’t hype. It is reality.

Under the leadership of Chelsea Fire Chief Chuck Fothergill, the Chelsea Fire Department remains one of the most heads up organizations of any city or town in this state.

This is a working fire department with great leadership and outstanding firefighters dedicated to what they do and more importantly, loving what they do.

Thank you, guys.

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