The real Michael Albano emerges during run

Those of us who have known Michael Albano for the past 15 years – or since he moved to Chelsea to make his life here – have come to know him in a peripheral way.

We know he is smart.

We know he is ambitious.

We know he is an honest, good guy wanting to make a contribution to society.

And now he’s decided he wants to be the senator from this district.

His performances at the two forums recently held – one in Chelsea and one in Cambridge – were outstanding and some believe, that Albano was and is extraordinary.

In fact, he made a sizable public impact at both forums where he was largely unknown by comparison to other candidates who have run before, who work on the Hill and who have enough campaign funds to be advertising throughout the sprawling district.

The real Michael Albano emerging during this campaign is fed up with politics as usual.

He is fed up with governmental inertia and incompetence.

He is loathe to become a part of a government that he believes is owned and largely operated by lobbyists and special interests.

His mantra, if you will, is that the people of Chelsea and this district en masse have been abandoned by the politicians they’ve elected, that everyone on the inside on Beacon Hill is useless and that it will take a Michael Albano to straighten out government.

Speaking boldly, clearly, and articulately, Albano has begun to make an impact – and what he has to say about policy, or rather, what he says about the lack of policy, the absence of common sense and the abandonment of political bravery in the conduct of Massachusetts government is everything he is going to turn around.

Whether or not he can do this remains to be seen.

Whether or not he can make a senatorial districtwide impact is another matter.

That aside, Albano is making his mark.

He is calm, cool, collected and politically tough – probably tougher than any of his opponents, which might well be the rub.

Attorney Tim Flaherty speaks well and quite strongly but he is about building a new constituency and a new belief in government.

Sal DiDomenico presents himself as the inside candidate, the guy who has already done government on Beacon Hill and who knows the way.

Albano is boldly and strongly criticizing Massachusetts government at a time when there is deep discontent about government.

But can he parlay the discontent into voter action?

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