The Chelsea Street Bridge

As odd as this may sound to those of us so used to the Chelsea Street Bridge as an ugly monstrosity – it is the gateway to East Boston and vice versa – the gateway to Chelsea.

The new bridge going up is going to be a masterpiece of modern engineering and construction.

There is every possibility to make the new bridge the centerpiece of a broader effort to make these gateways such that visitors coming and going are impressed by the new bridge and everything around it.

The sidewalks must be treed. Lighting that highlights the brilliance of the construction must be included.

To leave out the accoutrement, so to speak, would be to build a new bridge without clothing it properly.

1 comment for “The Chelsea Street Bridge

  1. James
    November 24, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    While the new bridge is a necessity due to the petroleum industry’s overuse of the creek as a port, it will also be gigantic to the point of ridiculous. It will be completely out of place and beyond the scale of anything surrounding it. The old cantilever bridge has a simple elegance that will seem quaint when compared to the megalithic “masterpiece of modern engineering” that will soon be erected across the creek. Imagine if someone built a 25 story building on Broadway, that’s the way this thing is going to look.

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