Baby Geese Returned to Home Near Post Office

It was a happy ending this week for a number of baby geese that were taken from the water near the post office on Beacham Street.

The postal workers on Beacham Street have become quite fond of the geese who use the postal property every year to give birth to a new generation of baby geese and raise them until they are ready to fly on their own. The workers look forward to this time of year, and have even taken to posting Geese Crossing signs on the property and making sure the birds are safe during the childraising season.

But it was almost a tragedy for the baby geese and their parents on Monday, when some of the employees saw a man pull up to the property and steal a family of the babies with the net, causing distress for the mother and father geese looking for them.

Luckily for the geese and their fans, the local environmental police were able to track down the baby geese and return them to their parents in the lawn area near the post office on Tuesday.

One of the postal employees said everyone was glad to see the geese returned home, and that it is a point of pride for many of the workers that the geese return to Chelsea every year to raise their families.

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