Planning Board Approves Marijuana Dispensary Site Plans

The Planning Board approved the site plans for two separate retail marijuana facilities at its meeting last week.

Both facilities, one at 260-270 Second Street and one at 307 Broadway, were approved for special permits by the Zoning Board earlier in January.

“The space is zoned industrial, which allows this type of use,” said Sheila Grant, the attorney for DMS Trinity on Second Street. “It is currently utilized as office space and a flower wholesaler. We will utilize space on the first floor, which has its own separate entrance.”

There are also 14 parking spaces set aside for the business, which meets zoning requirements, Grant said.

Trinity DMS is a social equity applicant, as well as a minority owned business enterprise.

“They are committed to outreach and hiring within the city, as well,” Grant said.

Concrete Garden at 307 Broadway had its easiest night in front of a city board since the business was first proposed last year.

Earlier in January, the ZBA granted a special permit for the business, despite some ongoing concerns about the owner of the 307 Broadway property.

Concrete Garden principal Vladimir Samuel has agreed to make upgrades to the building to bring it in compliance with city regulations.

At last week’s Planning Board, Samuel quickly ran through the site plan and provided some information on lighting and security cameras before the board voted to approve the site plan.

In other business, the board approved the site plan for Enterprise Rent-A-Car to operate the airport-related parking and storage of vehicles in an open parking lot at 245-257 Marginal St. The company previously operated a similar lot several years ago, but did not renew the lease with the property owner, Eastern Mineral, for several years during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The main business operations for Enterprise are across the street at 324 Marginal St.

In addition to the reopening of the Marginal Street lot, there are planned improvements for the waterfront area of the property which will tie into the city’s development of the public access area adjacent to the Chelsea Street Bridge.

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