Local Leaders Laud Ambrosino’s Service in City Government

Community leaders in Revere and Chelsea lauded Tom Ambrosino for his outstanding service in city government and offered their congratulations to him on his appointment as Massachusetts Trial Court Administrator.

Ambrosino will be stepping down as Chelsea City Manager on Jan. 13 after serving seven-and-a-half years in the top administrative position in Chelsea.

Following are local officials’ comments:

Chelsea Councilor-at-Large Leo Robinson

“Tom did an outstanding job for our city. He will surely be missed when he leaves. He kept us on course to achieve the improvement of the city and moving the city forward.”

State Rep. Jessica Giannino

“I wish Tom all the best in his future endeavors as chief administrator of the Mass Trial Courts. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tom as he led both the city of Revere and Chelsea with integrity and perseverance, and I know he will continue to do the same in his new role.”

Revere Councilor-at-Large and CAPIC Board Member Anthony Zambuto

 “I congratulate Tom on his new position and wish him the best. I’m very happy for Tom. He’s a first-class, honest, decent, hard-working individual who is eminently qualified for this job. Everywhere he goes, he makes a difference. He made a difference in Revere. He made a difference in Chelsea. And he’ll make a difference as the administrator of the Massachusetts Trial Court.”

State Rep.-Elect Judith Garcia

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Mr. Ambrosino for my entire tenure as Chelsea city councilor. He’s championed this community and leaves a legacy of leadership through coalition building and collaboration. Tom’s guidance helped Chelsea come out of the pandemic and countless other challenges stronger than ever. I wish him luck in his next steps.”

Former Chelsea City Manager Jay Ash

I’m so grateful to Tom for his great leadership and collaboration he has exhibited as City Manager.  Chelsea has benefited from his vision and stewardship and has become an even more vibrant and livable community for all.  I especially admire him for all he did for the residents of Chelsea during the pandemic, and for the example he has set for integrity and accomplishment in office.”

Chelsea Police Chief Keith Houghton

“Tom Ambrosino was instrumental in transforming Chelsea into what it is today. I even told him I moved back to the city because of all the work that he has done. The city is safer, more prosperous, and much more welcoming under his leadership.”

GreenRoots Exec. Dir. Roseann Bongiovanni

“Tom has been a steady, strategic, and community-minded city manager over the past, almost eight years. The pandemic challenged us all, but as the leader of one of the most impacted cities in the nation, Tom led with integrity and empathy. I feel honored to have worked closely with Tom over the past several years and congratulate him on his future endeavors.”

State Sen. Sal DiDomenico

“Tom Ambrosino has been an incredible leader, partner, and friend. He worked each day to help everyone in Chelsea, and his sole mission was to make life better for all residents. I spoke with him often, and almost every day during the pandemic, and he was always strongly advocating for Chelsea, and to make sure the city and residents got was they deserved. Tom has done so much for Chelsea, and his legacy will live on long after he leaves the office of City Manager. We all congratulate him and wish him well in his new role at the Trial Court. They are getting a star.”

State Rep. Dan Ryan

“Tom came into the City Manager’s role when I was still a new state representative. He had big shoes to fill, literally and figuratively. He excelled. I always appreciated Tom’s professionalism and his ability to bring his extensive experience to bear on the issues facing Chelsea. I wish him well in his new endeavor and our continued work together.”

Chelsea Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jennifer Hassell

 “It has been a true pleasure working with Tom Ambrosino, he has been very supportive of the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce.  We wish him well in his new role and are forever grateful for the impact and commitment he has had for Chelsea over the years.  He will surely be missed.”  

Supt. of Schools Dr. Almi Abeyta

“I have been so blessed to have been able to work with Tom over the past three years.  As a new superintendent, it was nice to have someone with his knowledge and experience in the City Manager position because I could go to him for advice or ask for his thoughts on issues.  During Covid he became a critical friend and colleague that I leaned on for support as we were both leading in unchartered waters.  During the pandemic I saw him lead with his heart and with so much love for the people of Chelsea.  I admire his work ethic, integrity and kindness to all.  I will miss him tremendously.  I wish him all the best.”

Council President Calvin Brown

“My special thanks to our departing City Manager Tom Ambrosino on a job well done, and congratulations on his new job.”

It has been a pleasure working with City Manager Tom Ambrosino, a dedicated and talented man. I wish him nothing but success in his new job and in life.

I would like to thank Tom personally for all he has done in Chelsea. Tom built a talented team that did a wonderful job on so many projects under his leadership.

Not only did Tom work well with city staff, he took the time to make sure that all Chelsea residents had access to him.

Your leadership was unique and made a great difference in our community. I thank you for all the support and help you provided me during my time working with you, during your career as our City Manager.

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