Water, Sewer, Trash Rate Hikes Expected

Chelsea residents can expect to see a hike in their water, sewer, and trash bills in the new fiscal year, which begins on July 1.

Average residential homeowners can expect an increase of less than 2.5 percent on their combined water and sewer rates, according to City Manager Thomas Ambrosino.

The city proposes to increase trash fees by 6 percent.

“This is a slightly lower increase than we have had in the past few years,” Ambrosino said of the trash fees. “The new FY23 trash rate will be $38.65 monthly for residential property and $182.22 monthly for commercial units in mixed buildings. Owner occupied units remain exempt from this fee.”

The new water rates are $5.88 per hundred cubic feet for Tier 1 customers (those who use 1 – 1,000 per month in cubic feet) and $7.18 for Tier 2 (1,001 – 2,500 monthly cubic feet), and $9.32 for Tier 3 (over 2,500 monthly cubic feet). The increase is 2.5 percent for Tiers 1 and 2 and 3 percent for Tier 3, according to Ambrosino.

The new sewer rates are $9.80 per hundred cubic feet for Tier 1, $10.69 for Tier 2, and $13.59 for Tier 3. The increase is 2.5 percent for Tiers 1 and 2, and 6 percent for Tier 3.

In his letter to the City Council, Ambrosino noted that the MWRA charges to the city for FY23 increased by a total of 3.1 percent.

“Because the MWRA assessments represent the largest cost share of DPW’s Water Division and Sewer Division budgets, MWRA has the largest impact on annual rate increases,” stated Lou Mammolette, the acting Public Works Commissioner. “For FY23, the projected total MWRA increase is 3.1%. In addition to that increase, we are currently enduring record inflation rates that have had a significant impact on many costs.

“With still higher prices anticipated in FY23, it is very difficult to maintain lower rates.”

The City Council will discuss the water, sewer, and trash rates at a future subcommittee on conference. A public hearing on the rate increases will take place in July, according to Ambrosino.

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