Recupero Petitions for Water Rate Break for Homeowners

District 6 City Councillor Giovanni Recupero has prided himself on finding ways to save the city’s taxpayers and homeowners money.

Recupero’s latest effort is the introduction of a home rule petition he hopes to see before the state legislature that would establish a program giving a 20 percent reduction on the water and sewer bill to any owner-occupant of condominium unit, single family, two family, three family, or four family home.

A public hearing on the home rule petition will be scheduled before the state legislature will be asked to act on the request. Recupero said the home rule petition is the first of its kind in the state.

“This is trying to help the homeowners who are here,” said Recupero. “What this does is we put this forth to a public hearing, then it goes to the State House, and the State House has to approve whatever we want to do for the homeowners of this city. This is the first time anything like this has ever been done.”

Recupero said it is no sure thing that the measure will pass at the state level, but that it was worth a shot to try to financially help Chelsea homeowners.

“We only have something like 18 percent homeowners in this city, that is very, very little,” said Recupero.

With the 20 percent reduction, owner-occupants of a three-family home would save about $50 a month on their water bills, and single-family homeowners would save about $15 per month.

“It doesn’t really cost a whole bunch, but it is a simple way of showing the people who live here that we, the council, care about them and that we want more people to come to our city,” said Recupero. “We are trying to alleviate some of the problem with the water. It’s an essential part of life, but it’s gotten so expensive.”

Recupero said he hopes the State House approves the measure, but might not because it is the first time something like this has been brought forward.

“But it never hurts to try,” he said.

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