City Clerk Offers Clarification on Parking Sticker Issue

Special to the Record

When Councillor-at-  Large Leo Robinson heard from some of his constituents over the holiday weekend that fines were being issued for residential parking expiration violations, the dean of the Council went to work.

With Monday being Presidents Day and City Hall closed, Robinson visited Tuesday morning with City Clerk Jeannette Cintron White, who offered clarification on the matter. In addition to her other numerous responsibilities, Cintron White oversees the City’s Traffic and Parking Program.

Cintron addressed the City’s announcement that may have created some confusion about the actual date of expiration for the residential parking stickers.

“Those residents who have the 2020 sticker with the Tobin Bridge on it – before COVID hit, we were already renewing the new stickers for 2021, said Cintron White. “Then COVID hit, and we returned to the office on June 1, 2020. When we came back, we made an announcement that the 2020 stickers were extended until August 1, 2020, so people could renew for their 2021 sticker.

“Unfortunately, because of COVID and everything that happened, we still find stickers from 2020, and that was the issue [this past weekend),” said Cintron White.

Cintron White explained that the current 2021 residential sticker – which has a picture of the Soldiers’ Home water tower – that was due to expire on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2022, has been extended until April 30, 2022.

She also said that residents should renew their visitors’ parking passes. “The current program set of visitors’ passes expires this Monday (Feb. 28),” said Cintron White.

Residents can renew their residential parking sticker in person at City Hall, online, by mail, or by dropping off an application in the drop-box outside City Hall.

“The new sticker has 2023 on the right side, and also Sury Chavez’s painting of the Stebbins Fountain on Park Street (near the Chelsea Police Station),” related Cintron White. “The City is waiving the $10 sticker fee again, so the sticker is free.”

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