School Updates

District Updates

•Congratulations to Assistant Superintendent, Adam Deleidi, who was awarded Salem State University’s Northeast Regional Educators Hall of Fame, Dr. Edna Mauriello ‘44 Achievement Award. This award is named for longtime Salem State and global educator, Dr. Edna Mauriello. The award is presented to an individual with 20 or more years in education, whose promotion of mission exists through their work in education, in any capacity. This individual must demonstrate leadership, and made/make significant contributions to their respective school district, college/university or organization for an educational cause. 

•HR Director Christine Lee and School Principals Trelane Clark and Linda Barber represented Chelsea at the Learn Launch K-12 Summit at Fenway Park. 

•Chelsea REACH Program is recruiting and accepting middle and high schoolers to attend summer REACH program! Link to register:  Follow @chelsea.wellness for positive and informative quotes and info on mental health! Here is the REACH Program Youth Advisory Council youth teamed up with TEENS IN ACTION for a successful board design and end of year pizza  celebration.

Early Learning Center Updates

•The ELC Celebrated Spirit Week on the last week of school with Mixed Match Monday, Disney theme Tuesday and others. In addition, to celebrate Spirit week at the ELC, they asked families to donate boxes of cereal for giving day. The boxes of cereal were used to create a Domino run. ELC families donated a total of 460 cereal boxes. All cereal boxes were donated to the St. Luke’s Church Food pantry. 

•The ELC celebrated its retirees. Congratulations Andrea C, Andrea R, Barbara, Kathy, Shelley and Tonie. Together, they have contributed more than 100 years of service to the Chelsea community.

Berkowitz Elementary Updates

Students at the Berkowitz in grades 1 through 4 participated in a schoolwide physical education challenge called Berky’s Cup Stacking Challenge. Winning their age groups were Christian Tejada (Gr. 1), Isaac Oliva (Gr. 2), Matteo Lapop (Gr. 3) and Bryanna Grigorian (Gr. 4).

Hooks School Updates

•Hooks 4th Grade OLA students came in person for a moving on celebration and also participated in 4th Grade Moving on ceremonies on Zoom. 4th Grade also celebrated with a visit from the Chelsea Police Ice Cream Truck.

Kelly School Updates

•Fourth and Sixth Grade Kelly Scholars celebrated the rite of passage leaving the Kelly School for the next stage of their educational journeys. Continue to “be kind, work hard, and get smart!”

Sokolowski School Updates

•The foundational students in room 312 are wrapping up the year with lots of fun activities. The class started in style making tye-dye shirts. They also re-enacted the Boston Tea Party where they dressed up as the Mohawks and threw the tea overboard. Later, they celebrated with a Beach Bash online. It’s never “goodbye” for us but a “see you later”! Happy End of the year!

•On the last week, the school had its final school meeting. Zoomies and roomies got together as a whole school to cheer while teachers competed against each other. They also honored the last red triangle earners of the year. School leaders can’t wait to have everyone together in the building again – after the summer! 

Browne Middle School Updates

•Security Guard Juan saved a baby bird and the school made sure animal control came to pick it up and keep it safe.

•The Browne Middle School Celebrated its moving on ceremony with students, admin, staff, and families.

•The Summer Reading Book Distribution/ Celebration was SO MUCH FUN!  So many dedicated so much time and energy to support this event—staying after school to help out, matching students to books, putting together the materials… A special thank you to Christine who created so many of the amazing summer reading materials that got kids excited to read. Thank you to Zuleima for communicating with families, making the most beautiful balloon towers (tied by hand!) that gave the event party vibes, helping set up all three days and just making this happen from the very beginning. Thank you to Marelyn for ordering “el swag” (haha), getting us materials, printing lists, helping set up all three days and communicating with families.  Thank you to Hannah, Greg, Meghan, Christine, Marion, and Zoe for helping out with the distributions and matching kids to books. That’s what it’s all about. Thank you to Kevin for stopping by both days to show his support.  Thank you to our fifth grade student volunteers, Isa and Mea. Thank you to all homeroom teachers who brought students down during fifth period, on time, and just getting kids excited about their books.

Wright Science & Technology Updates

•Students at the Wright picked out books for some fun summer reading, backpacks, and received a sweet treat of cupcakes to celebrate the last week of school.

•The Trivia All-Stars of the 8th grade faced off vs. The 7th Grade Trivia All-Stars in a competition for the Wright Cup. In an upset, the 7th Grade All-Stars were able to upend the 8th grade 13-10  in front of a zoom crowd of about 300. The 7th grade was coached by special education teacher Damon Bailey, while the 8th grade was coached by science teacher Clair Flores. Lead science teacher John Ruggiero was the moderator of the trivia match. 

Chelsea High School Updates

•CHS mentors of new educators received gifts from the district that were delivered by students.  Mentors did the double duty of learning to teach remotely while also guiding new teachers through their first year at CHS.  Thank you to the Mentors and their lead Ilana Ascher.

•Check out Chelsea High’s new baby trees along Everett Avenue!  The six nearest the Everett Ave entrance are tall, thin oak and tulip tree species.  The two framing the WW1 memorial plaque will be large, spreading American Elm hybrids. The schools were able to get these trees for free through the Greening the Gateway Cities program, whose aim is to increase the tree canopy in urban areas like Chelsea.

•The CHS Drama Club debuted their original film, The Year That Never Was: Life from the Epicenter.  This original work, both written and performed by CHS students, was created in response to the events of the pandemic.  Please note that some of the subject matter and language is very raw, and may be offensive to some viewers — but these are actual student reactions to real events.  The film can be viewed here:

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