Chelsea High to Host Walk-In Graduation on June 12 and 13

Chelsea High School will have an in-person graduation this June, but it will mimic the unique walk-in graduation the school had last year in August for the Class of 2020.

Supt. Almi Abeyta said they had already been planning for another walk-in graduation earlier this year before the state decided to lift COVID-19 restrictions last weekend, and students and families in the Class of 2021 indicated they would prefer another walk-in event rather than the traditional pomp and circumstance ceremony.

Abeyta said they polled the class and found that more than 60 percent wanted another walk-in graduation.

“Everything was already in motion for us to do a walk-in graduation like last year,” she said. “That was what our families opted for, but when the announcement came on May 29 about lifting all restrictions, everyone agreed to continue with what we had planned. It was too late to shift gears.”

Graduation will take place on Saturday, June 12, in the evening, and then all day on Sunday, June 13. The graduation will not feature any speakers or any type of ceremony. Families will make an appointment to appear at the Chelsea Stadium at a certain time on either day. When they show up they will register, and then have their name called by Principal Mark Martineau. After an official photo is taken, they will proceed to the photo booths and other fun activities before leaving.

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