Another step forward in realizing new housing for Innes Apartments

On Wednesday, Bill H.4368 Home Rule Petition, an Act relative to certain affordable housing in the city of Chelsea, passed in the Senate. Sponsored by Reps. Dan Ryan and RoseLee Vincent, H.4368 would exempt the redevelopment project of Chelsea’s Innes Apartments from general law related to the procurement and award of contracts – providing greater predictability of cost, a more streamlined construction schedule and union contractors with past experience with the construction team. It will also allow a greater ability to meet diversity goals for the project.

“We applaud Representatives Ryan and Vincent and Senator DiDomenico for their work in continuing to advance the much-needed redevelopment of affordable housing for Chelsea residents,” said Jennifer Corcoran, Project Director of Joseph J. Corcoran Company. “Without a Home Rule Petition, this project would not be possible. We’re grateful for their work in helping move this bill through the House and bring Chelsea residents the high-quality housing they deserve.” 

Thursday, July 30, from 10 a.m.-noon Joseph J. Corcoran team will be hosting a Voter Registration Drive for residents at 61 Watts St. Chelsea has been selected to envision a $135 million redevelopment of the existing Innes Apartments public housing community. The redevelopment of the Innes Apartments public housing community in Chelsea will offer new homes for all current residents and create a fully accessible, mixed-income, mixed-use community. All 96 existing public housing units will be replaced one-for-one while adding 40 new middle-income units and 194 market-rate units all inter-mingled throughout the property.

When complete, the transformed Innes Apartments will feature a range of affordable housing solutions for both current residents and new-comers to Chelsea, including market-rate transit-oriented housing, small business retail, increased public green space, a modernized playground, and a robust resident programming component that includes job training, educational services, and youth activities.

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