Police Briefs 07-16-2020

Update on Admiral’s Hill Stabbing

Shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday night, July 8, Chelsea Police and State Police detectives developed information that the suspect in the July 6 stabbing at Mary O’Malley Park was hiding in an apartment at 18 Washington St. in the city. Investigators had previously identified the suspect as Walther Alexander Portillo-Alfaro, who goes by the street name “Chino.”

A short time later members of the State Police Detective Unit for Suffolk County, Chelsea Police officers, and a Trooper from the State Police-Revere Barracks went to the apartment and were let in by a tenant. As investigators entered an empty room, they observed Portillo-Alfaro lying on the floor. The suspect immediately tried to get up but was taken into custody without incident.

Evidence suggests the suspect had recently shaved his head completely bald and shaved his facial hair in an attempt to alter his appearance. A search of the apartment for officer safety purposes revealed what appeared to fresh cut black hair on the bathroom floor and in a wastebasket. Portillo-Alfaro was transported to State Police-Revere, where he was booked and held. He was expected to be arraigned today through the Chelsea District Court.

The male victim of the stabbing is recovering.

State Police, ARL Investigating Dog Death at Revere Beach

Shortly after noon Sunday, Troopers from the State Police-Revere Barracks responded to Revere Beach, in the area of the Shirley Avenue Bathhouse, for a report of an injured dog.

Responding Troopers found DCR lifeguards and Revere firefighters attempting to resuscitate a small Chihuahua mix who was in severe medical distress. Efforts to save the dog, sadly, were unsuccessful.

Troopers interviewed the dog’s co-owner, a 57-year-old Saugus woman, who said she had taken the dog into the water when he suddenly became stricken and apparently drowned.

After the woman was allowed to leave with the dog’s body, several beach-goers approached the Troopers and stated they had witnessed the woman abuse the dog before the dog died.

Based on that information Troopers are summonsing the woman for various animal cruelty charges. The woman was not arrested because she left the scene before the Troopers learned witnesses had seen her allegedly abuse the dog.

Troopers, working with the law enforcement division of the Animal Rescue League, this morning were able to retrieve the dog’s body from the co-owner, a Chelsea man.

The investigation into the dog’s death is ongoing at this time.

Drunk Driver in Fay Square

On June 30, at 1:50 a.m., a CPD officer in the area of Fay Square observed a vehicle travelling on Washington Avenue towards Bellingham Square with no headlights on. The officer continued to follow the motor vehicle and activated the emergency lights at the intersection of Fourth and Pearl Streets where the Toyota Highlander pulled over. The officer approached the driver side of the vehicle to speak to the operator. The operator appeared to be delayed and had glassy eyes and responded to questions with slurred speech. The operator was later identified by a Maryland Driver’s license. The officer formed the opinion that the driver was operating under the influence of alcohol and was placed into custody.

Arrested for OUI

On July 2, at 9:04 p.m., officers while on patrol observed a vehicle driving in the wrong lane against traffic in the vicinity of 121 Webster Ave. The vehicle caused the officers to pull off the road to avoid a collision. The officers later stopped the vehicle and after conducting a roadside assessment formed the opinion the operator was driving while intoxicated and placed him under arrest.

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