Damali Vidot Builds Immediate Fundraising Momentum and Support in State’s Second Suffolk District Seat Race

Chelsea City Councilor Damali Vidot announced last week her candidacy for the Massachusetts House of Representatives Second Suffolk District Seat in a virtual announcement on Thursday, May 7.

Councilor Vidot attracted an outpouring of support from over 1,000 participants who represent a majority of residents from the district and raised over $2,000 during that event. She has since raised close to $5,000 from mostly small-dollar contributions.

“The response and support we’re receiving from so many constituents in the Second Suffolk District is a clear sign that people want leadership that includes all of our voices and represents our true people-powered movement,” said Councilor Vidot. “Now more than ever, it’s important that the residents in this district can count on a leader who is not only actively involved in the day-to-day emergency response efforts during this pandemic, but also understands the urgency of translating these urgent issues into participatory policymaking at the State House.”

The Committee to Elect Damali Vidot, with the support of volunteers from the district, safely collected and returned beyond the number of required signatures to qualify for the ballot. The Vidot campaign has already established strong, grassroots organizing efforts in Chelsea and Charlestown and will soon unveil comprehensive virtual organizing tools to provide support and resources to residents in this time of crisis.

“We will soon realize that the residents of Chelsea and Charlestown have so much more in common than being at two ends of the Tobin Bridge,” said Councilor Vidot. “Our campaign will be about bringing a sense of community and pride in this district, where we can support one another, and uplift our most vulnerable and impacted neighbors.”

Primary Day election day is on Tuesday, September 1.

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