Mandatory Face Coverings in Chelsea

Chelsea has the highest rate of COVID-19 infection in Massachusetts. For the safety of everyone in our community, it is mandatory to wear face coverings. Even people with no symptoms can still carry COVID-19, which means you can infect others by speaking, coughing, or sneezing near others. Wearing a mask helps to prevent you from accidentally passing the virus to others, and it helps to keep you being infected. 

When should I wear face coverings? 

Face coverings are mandatory whenever you are in an Essential Business. If you work at an Essential Business, you and all employees must wear a covering. If you visit an Essential Business, you must wear a face covering to enter. A store can stop you from entering if you are not wearing one.

How do I wear a face covering?

To put on a face covering, 1. Wash your hands.  2. Place covering over your nose and mouth. Do not wear on your chin or head!  3. Always wear your covering with the same side facing outward.  4. Do not touch the covering without washing your hands first.

To take off a face covering, 1. Wash your hands.  2. Remove by touching only the outside of the covering.  3. Store in a clean, breathable container like a paper bag. Dispose of the container next time you wear your covering.  4. Wash your hands again.

What types of face coverings can I wear? 

You can use a store-bought mask, homemade cloth mask, or a clean, cloth covering that you can secure over your nose and mouth. If you use a medical mask, throw away after using. If you use a cloth covering, wash and dry after every use.

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