Damali Vidot Receives Support from Allies Throughout Greater Boston Area

This past Thursday, Damali Vidot attended the Forum on Development and Displacement with fellow City Council candidates. Having served as Council President, Vidot has prioritized policies and discussions related to affordable housing for all Chelsea residents.

Damali said, “the forum on housing and displacement served as an important platform for us to discuss the housing crisis in Chelsea and the displacement that is threatening the members of our community. The forum allowed for us to share our concerns and what can be done as a collective body of government to alleviate this crisis.”

To demonstrate the partnerships Damali has built, the Committee to Elect Damali Vidot is pleased to share an endorsement from across the area.

Vidot has also received an endorsement from Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards of East Boston, Charlestown, and the North End. Edwards and Vidot are fierce advocates for the quality of life of all residents. Understanding the necessity of the accessibility to open space, addressing noise problems, and the importance of clean water and air.

“As City Councilor for East Boston, Charlestown and the North End, one of my greatest focuses has been improving the day-to-day lives of residents in my district,” says Edwards. During this time, I have found an ally in our neighboring community of Chelsea. That ally has been Damali. Time after time, I have found myself fighting alongside Damali to ensure that where you live, or how much you make, should not dictate the access to clean water and air, a quiet place to lay your head at night, or a safe community to raise our families. I hope this partnership with Chelsea will only continue to strengthen for years to come. I know it will be possible with Damali as your At-Large City Councilor.”

Vidot also understands the connection and importance of a reliable and accessible transportation system for Chelsea residents to travel to and from work throughout the region. Vidot has collaborated with Boston City Council President Michelle Wu, who has also expressed her support for Vidot. The two have been working toward improving the regional transportation system, and creating consistent and affordable transit.

“I’m proud to stand with my sister in service, Chelsea City Council President Damali Vidot—a leader, a partner, and an inspiration,” says Wu. “Her determined advocacy lifts up community voices, and I’ve been grateful to fight alongside her for the values we share and the opportunities our constituents deserve: transit equity, housing affordability, and safe, welcoming cities for all. From Chelsea to Boston, we need Damali’s leadership on the City Council.”

Additionally, Vidot has received an endorsement from Suffolk County Register of Probate Felix D. Arroyo, a celebrated member of the Hispanic community, and the first Latino to serve on the Boston School Committee. Both Vidot and Arroyo are committed to supporting and mentoring their communities’ youth, as a long-term investment for the trajectory of the City. Their shared commitment to public service extends education, and is demonstrated through their collective efforts to build a brighter and more prosperous City.

“I am proud to endorse Damali for Chelsea City Council at Large,” says Arroyo. “As a City Councilor, and most recently as the Council President, she has fought to make sure that all residents of Chelsea are seen and heard.  Damali is guided by the values of justice and equity and those values are at the core of her advocacy.  I ask that you join me in supporting Damali Vidot for re-election to the Chelsea City Council on Tuesday, November 5.”

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