Cable Building to Be Named After the Late Duke Bradley

The legacies of Judith Dyer and Robert “Duke” Bradley will live on in Chelsea, thanks to orders introduced by the City Council on Monday night.

Council President Damali Vidot introduced the order approving the dedication of the park at the corner of Spruce and Heard streets as Judith Dyer Park.

Councillor-At-Large Leo Robinson introduced the order requesting that the Community Cable TV building be named after Bradley. Bradley, who recently died, was a lifelong Chelsea resident and best known as the executive director of Chelsea Community Cable Television.

“Earlier this summer, I received a request from the Beautification Committee that the City dedicate the small park at the corner of Heard Street and Spruce Street to Judith Dyer,” stated City Manager Tom Ambrosino. “This small area would be henceforth known as Judith Dyer Park and would be commemorated with a modest plaque or sign. Given Ms. Dyer’s civic efforts over the course of many years, this seems to me a meritorious request.”

The letter from the Beautification Committee noted that Dyer has been an inspiration to the residents of Chelsea for a number of years, involved in almost every community group from the Beautification Committee to GreenRoots, the CET, Conservation Commission, the ZBA, TND’s Board of Directors, and other committees.

“At a time of nationwide distrust of institutions and declining civic engagement, we need more people like Judith to step up and participate in making Chelsea the best it can be,” the letter further stated.

•In other business Monday night, Ambrosino updated the Council on Logan Airport noise-related topics.

Over the summer, with the help of GreenRoots, the City secured a pro bono proposal to do some noise monitoring in Chelsea. An initial public information session about the proposal is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 12 at 6 p.m. at the GreenRoots office.

Ambrosino also stated that there have been discussions with another Georgia firm to conduct additional testing at a cost of $25,000. The City Manager recommended the Council approve using money from the City’s stabilization fund to pay for the additional testing.

District 1 Councillor Robert Bishop said he supports noise testing, but was against funding it from the City’s stabilization fund, which he said should be the last option for funding City programs and requests. The Council agreed to take up the funding request at a future conference committee meeting.

•District 6 Councillor Giovanni Recupero requested Ambrosino look into giving all senior citizen homeowner occupants a 30 percent discount on their water bills.

“It’s a good thing to do to give the seniors who live here a little break to try to keep them in our city,” Recupero said.

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