Letter to the Editor

Who’s Bright Idea

Dear Editor,

It has been brought to my attention that the City of Chelsea will be banning plastic bags sometime this year. Who’s bright idea was this? It had to be some nut. It’s a bad idea especially for people who don’t drive or take public transportation.

A paper bag will break under strain especially when carrying heavy items like glass bottles, laundry detergent dish detergent, bottles of soda, milk, meats, etc. A plastic bag holds heavy items better, and “Most of all, They don’t break”! Plastic bags also separate meat blood and non-edible products from the rest of your groceries. If you take away the plastic bags, what do we use to line our buckers with? They make great trash bags. They keep germs in check because you can change them.

They make great storage bags for clothing, and paper work. Plastic bags keep glass bottles from breaking. You can wrap things in them and most of all they can be recycled. We depend on plastic and they ‘Do not cause environment harm when used correctly.” And most of all, they do not leak. A paper bag leaks and falls apart especially when Wet!

We’ve shopped in Somerville, Melrose, Boston and other cities and we had forgotten to take our reusable bags. And be cause these cities have band the plastic bag, the paper bag we got handles, but when I got on the bus, the handle broke because it caught a pole and ripped apart. If I had a plastic bag, that would not have happened. You talk about global warming, well FYI by forcing paper bags you’re killing trees that filter out carbon monoxide, this also curbs global warming. Industrial plants cause more harm to the environment than plastic bags do. If I had a choice between paper bags and plastic bags, I would choose plastic bags. They have more uses than paper and can be reused time and time again. And it also saves trees. Please do not “Ban Plastic Bags.” Plastic bags are better than paper. Some people ask for paper and plastic because they can carry their bundles without fear of the bag breaking.

Who ever came up with this band should have their head examined.

So again, please stop this band and allow plastic to be an option at checkouts everywhere.

Thank you,

Jay Lougidice

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