Chelsea Comments on New MassPort CEO

By John Lynds and Seth Daniel

Last Thursday, the MassPort Board voted 5-2 to confirm Massport’s Port Director Lisa Wieland as the Port Authority’s new CEO – a vote that came down to two candidates, including Wieland and current Boston Planning and Development Director Brian Golden.

Wieland replaces Thomas Glynn as CEO who stepped down in November. Massport’s CFO John Pranckevicius has filled in as CEO since the nationwide search began last year.

Massport board member John Nucci and Massport board chair Lee Evangelidis were the two that voted for the BPDA’s Golden.

“On the one hand I’m disappointed because I think that Brian (Golden) would’ve brought fresh eyes to Massport and would have been a great consensus builder in the community,” said Nucci after the vote Thursday. “On the other hand, Lisa (Wieland) will work herself into the job just fine and I will support her thoroughly as we move ahead.”

City Manager Tom Ambrosino said he had no immediate comment, but looked forward to meeting the new CEO.

City Councillor Roy Avellaneda has been a frequent critic of MassPort over the last few years as the numbers of flights have increased over Chelsea, and he said he was optimistic, but skeptical.

“I’m hopeful that the City of Chelsea will have an improved relationship, but given the position MassPort has had with noise impact to Chelsea in past, I’m doubtful the new director will have anything new to say on the matter,” he said.

State Rep. Dan Ryan said he was glad the Board chose someone with experience in the Port.

“I congratulate Ms. Wieland on her appointment as MassPort CEO,” he said. “I look forward to working with her on many pressing issues that Charlestown and Chelsea are facing. I’m glad the selection committee chose someone with experience in our port and with our neighborhoods. We’ll be able to get right to work.”

In 2016 the Massport board voted to promote Wieland from Acting Port Director to Port Director.

Wieland has served as the Acting Port Director since March of 2015 and previously as Maritime’s Chief Administrative Officer. As Port Director, she oversees planning, development, marketing, operations, security, financial management, administration and maintenance of all of MassPort’s non-aviation properties. Before joining the Maritime team, Wieland served in several roles at Massport, including the Director of HR Strategy & Employment and the Director of Corporate Planning and Analysis. Wieland has been with Massport since 2006. Prior to her employment with Massport, Wieland worked as a consultant for Bain & Company serving health care and consumer products clients, and for CNN in various news and political assignments. She received

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