School Updates


  • Second grade math classes have been out in the garden measuring garlic to make sure it has enough room to grow. The garlic they plant will then overwinter and be ready to harvest in the spring.



  • The Hooks School had their 2nd Annual Harvest Festival Thursday night, Oct. 18. More than 200 students and family members attended the event and participated in a number of fall activities. The Harvest Festival received wonderful donations from the Chelsea Home Depot, Somerville Farmer’s Markets, Healthy Chelsea, UMASS Extension Program and Cracerasuolo Company/ New England Produce. A huge shout out goes to the Hooks Family Event Committee that organized and ran the event.
  • Second graders at the Hooks School shared their stories with families and friends at their first author celebration.



  • Mr. Crespo has begun the cup stacking season, having quick-handed students demonstrate their skills. Cup stacking is something of a phenomenon at the Kelly School with several students competing in statewide competitions.
  • Our new art teacher, Mr. Kolwaite, gives students a lesson on perspective and shadowing by rising each table to model. Students are learning about shadowing and perspective as they learn to draw still life compositions.
  • Ms. Vinci, the school’s very inspiring music teacher, works with our upper grades for chorus.
  • Students in the 5th grade CAMINOS program read The Breadwinner in class and to help immerse themselves in the protagonist’s culture, enjoyed eating Naan bread and tea.
  • Students in Ms. Duffy’s 2nd grade class experimented with chemical reactions by making slime. They watch as the mixing of the materials results in the changes in consistency.



  • Students in the first grade had the opportunity to listen and ask questions to Officer Sammy Mojica. He came to celebrate the end of our community workers unit. Students enjoyed their time and had many interesting questions on how to keep themselves and their community safe.
  • Students in Ms. Dastous’s read to grow class held a wax museum on Friday, Oct. 12. Students invited their peers and families to come meet and great famous historical figures.



  • On Oct. 12, the Clark Ave Middle School held a Hispanic Heritage Celebration for students. Ms. Ibarra-Carmona and Ms. Rivera organized this wonderful event, and created a board at the school with important dates and interesting facts about Hispanic Heritage and famous contributors.
  • Students enjoyed eating Spanish food like Arroz con Gandules and Pupusas while listening to some Bachata and Merengue. One of the students came in traditional clothing from Puerto Rico, used when dancing Plena or Bomba which are two different traditional music styles primarily using percussion. These styles of music and dance date back (documented) to 1797 and showcase the African, Spanish and Taino cultures that make up the Island of Puerto Rico. After the festivities, Ms. Staco held a Hispanic-Facts trivia contest and prizes were awarded.



Students from the WSTA and CAMS have been learning a lot from the IDEAS in Medicine program. They’ve enjoyed working with the medical students from Tufts University School of Medicine, exploring concepts like the structure of DNA and coding.



  • The CHS Percussion Ensemble, Concert Band, Cantare, and Choir all performed their first ever Fall Concert on Wednesday, Oct. 17, during iBlock. One of the choral songs performed was arranged and conducted by Leah Kazuko, who is a senior.

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