Chelsea Lining Up to Be Ground Zero in the Fight for Congress

The fight for the Congressional seat now held by Congressman Michael Capuano has taken center stage in Chelsea this week, and the Congressman and challenger Ayanna Pressley – a Boston city councilor – seem to be fighting hard for votes in the City.

Both candidates plan to hold major endorsements and campaign events late this week, with Pressley looking to the grass-roots and Capuano bringing in popular Latino Congressman Luis Gutierrez, of Illinois, to potentially endorse him and travel around Chelsea.

On Thursday at the Mystic Brewery, the Pressley campaign will hold a time and a rally.

Council President Damali Vidot, who was an early supporter of Pressley, said that elected councillors and School Committee members will be there to endorse Pressley in the campaign.

Pressley has made several stops in Chelsea along the campaign trail, and has gathered support from the local officials.

The same is true of Capuano.

The congressman has been very visible over the past several weeks in Chelsea, appearing at the Chelsea Village summer party earlier this month for a campaign stop.

On Friday, he will be endorsed by Councillor Roy Avellaneda, and it is expected that Congressman Gutierrez will also endorse him at Avellaneda’s coffee shop, Pan Y Café.

Following that, Congressman Capuano and Congressman Gutierrez will attend an event at the Chelsea Collaborative to talk about family reunification and the trip that Capuano recently took to the Texas/Mexico border.

It will be a busy week for Congressional politics in Chelsea.

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