Thank You Steve Wynn

In today’s economy, good jobs that have been around for more than 80 years are hard to find.  One only has to look at the shuttered factories that are in our area that once employed thousands of workers who by these jobs achieved the American Dream.

That is what the workers of Suffolk Down Horse Racing Track were facing.

Suffolk Downs,  an institution since it opened in the Great Depression will be closing in two years and with it the jobs of  60 workers were slated to be lost.

That is until Steve Wynn stepped in.

Last week, Wynn officials and Union leadership who represent the workers of Suffolk Downs,  met and brought to fulfillment the promise of offering jobs to these 60 workers.

Wynn recognizes that these Suffolk Downs employees are hospitality type employees that will only enhance Wynn’s Boston operation with their years of experience.

It is a sad commentary on current business practices, that this action by Steve Wynn of recognizing that good workers are a company’s asset, is more the exception than the rule.

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