Council,CBC Held Unity March with Chelsea Police

By Seth Daniel

A host of community organizations and city councillors planned to come together with the Chelsea Police to have a Peace Walk from the Police Station to City Hall on July 27.

The walk, which occurred last night, came after Record deadlines.

“In light of recent national violent act, Chelsea residents and leaders are uniting to stand in solidarity with the Chelsea Police Department to promote a message of peace an unity in our community,” read a statement from the organizers.

The Police CommUNITY Standing Together as One peace walk took place on July 27 at 6 p.m. in front of the Police Station. Participants walked to City Hall, where there was to be a short speaking program.

The walk was organized by the Chelsea Black Community (CBC), the Chelsea City Council, the Chelsea Police and concerned community members.

“In light of the recent disturbing and alarming occurrences taking place across the nation involving both violence against police officers – including nine murders – as well as some controversial use of deadly force incidents by police, we as local community stakeholders felt compelled to stand together in unity and demonstrate to our community at large that we are absolutely committed to peace, tranquility and mutual trust,” said Chief Brian Kyes. “Although we are by no means a perfect community, we realize that we must continue to learn from each other each and every day to overcome any challenges that we face together. We view our culturally diverse inner city as a ‘model’ from which many communities could possibly draw from our ongoing successes to overcome any existing obstacles and/or barriers in working towards enhancing police-community relationships.”

Following the controversial police-involved shootings of two black men, one in Minnesota and another in Louisiana, protests and rioting has unfolded across the country. Also in that, time, five police officers were assassinated in Dallas on July 7, and three were assassinated in Baton Rouge. A police officer was also gunned down in Kansas City on Tuesday, July 19, and others have been shot in the meantime.

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